Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Fitness Solutions Personal Training Center?

A: Wellness under one roof!  We offer a well balanced program of strength training, cardiovascular fitness, nutritional consulting and yoga. Private. Clean. Personable, you are not just a number here. Knowledge, Bill has been in the industry since 1994.  Duncan graduated from Exercise Science at the top of his class.  Continuing education; industry leading information based on long-term credible research, gives our clients the edge on both their health and results.  Every instructor is certified in First Aid and CPR & AED. Fitness Solutions has the only “Great Yoga Wall” in Southern Alberta. Private and semi-private sessions for both personal training and yoga. Meal plans are available.

Q: When will I start seeing results?

A: Results vary from person to person. Each week you will feel stronger, sleep better and have more energy . Most people will see and feel results month to month as your body gains muscle and loses body-fat. Results depend on both nutrition and cardiovascular exercise sessions that your trainer will advise you to do in between personal training sessions. “You get out what you put in”

Q: What style of training do you offer at Fitness Solutions?

 A: We have a wide array of equipment; from Dumbbells, barbells, BOSUs and Stability Balls, to Kettlebells, tractor tires, sledgehammers, TRX and our latest equipment addition of 5 Vipr Pro’s, your workouts will be both innovative and eclectic! Our training is individualized, based around your goals and any sports and seasonal activities you participate in.  No other sports or activities? All workouts are designed to reach your goals quickly, safely and permanently.  Each phase of training lasts 8 to 12 weeks, with minor changes weekly and complete exercise line-up changed every 4 weeks. Focus is on core, balance and flexibility initially, then programs evolve as you progress. A typical training session consists of a general warm up, then a specific dynamic warm up for your upcoming workout. Workouts last 20-45 mins, are specific to your goals and are based on your fitness level. We finish with cool down and mobility work which involves stretching and/or foam rolling.

Q: Why hire a personal trainer?

 A: Safety, and quicker results. There’s nothing worse than making the decision to improve your health by working out, and then overdoing it and becoming injured.  We are busy people, make the most your your time by hiring professional fitness training, and fast track your results.  We vary your routine every 4 weeks, keep it fresh and fun while making it as challenging as you like. (OK sometimes a little more challenging, when we know you have it in you).

Q: How long are workouts?

A: Workout time with a personal trainer is 45 mins/session. We use the time very efficiently and know that long workouts are actually detrimental to progress. Initially we often begin with 5-10 mins of warm-ups, 10-35 mins of lifting, then 5-10 mins of mobility work. Sometimes mobility work is done before your workout if deemed beneficial for you. As your fitness level improves, the length and/or the training intensity of the session increases, and the warm up is often done prior to the workout. Mobility is then done on the client’s time, after the workout.

Q: What hours are training sessions available?

A: Personal training sessions are available from 8am until 8pm Monday through Friday. Weekend sessions are available, times vary. Sessions are by appointment only, and require 24 hours notice. At Fitness Solutions, we make it convenient for you to come at your preferred time by client sharing; this means you may not always have the same trainer, unless you request it.  The result is that we are more often able to accommodate your preferred times and days. Another bonus- you benefit from all the trainers various training styles.

Q: How does fitness keep me more youthful

A: Strength training keeps us youthful in a number of ways. As we age hormone levels drop, specifically testosterone and human growth hormone. Lifting heavy weights for short bouts (30 mins) 2-3 times a week signals the body’s need to produce more testosterone. Short intense bouts (8-12 mins) of intense anaerobic (muscle burning) work 3-4 times a week raises growth hormone levels significantly. Often dubbed the fountain of youth, growth hormone is released during deep sleep.

Mobility is an issue for many people as they age. Foam rolling in conjunction with training muscles in both shortened and lengthened positions  2-3 times a week keeps us moving more youthfully.

Q: Which diseases are most preventable by being fit?

A: A wide number of diseases are preventable; Osteoporosis, obesity and diabetes, heart disease, depression, insomnia just to name a few. These condition of these health issues can be substantially improved by becoming more fit even after diagnosis. Fit people had less severe illness to Covid-19. 

Q: I have some injuries and medical conditions, are you able to work with me?

A: We have every client disclose health history, and our health screen includes taking your blood pressure.  We may require a note from your doctor giving you permission to work with a personal trainer.  Your health and safety is primary to us; we refer out to medical professionals when appropriate.

Q: What is the age demographic at Fitness Solutions?

A: We have clients aged 12 to 90, with approximately 80% of clients falling in between 40-70. We didn’t plan it this way, it’s what has evolved. You must be 18 or over to join unless working full time with a trainer.

Q: How much does it cost to join Fitness Solutions?

A: Memberships are $55 per month, paid monthly via automatic bank withdrawal. Everyone who comes to Fitness Solutions has a membership, regardless of whether or not they use a personal trainer.  There is a $20 admin. fee when signing up. Memberships are month to month and only require 10 days notice to cancel.

Q: How much does it cost to have a personal trainer?

A: We offer a complimentary workout to everyone prior to committing, as well as a money back guarantee.  We charge $75 for monthly program updates and $61* per 1:1- 45 minute sessions. You can save 30% when you train with a partner.  Partners can be arranged by us, or you can bring your own partner (commonly a friend, spouse, sibling or child.) We offer many different packages that start at $130 per person/month; this includes a personalized monthly routine, weekly nutritional counselling and quarterly measurement tracking. All prices are plus gst. *Minimum 3 month, and weekly training session commitment.

Q: What kind of diet do you promote?

A: We promote whole foods, containing no less than 50% vegetables and fruit. A balanced diet (carbohydrates, protein and fat) with small portions throughout the day, with the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle for life! We firmly believe in the 80/20 rule, where what you do 80% of the time will dictate both your results and your health. Personalized 3 month meal plans that include your “must have foods” get you both fast and long lasting results! A few select supplements are sometimes recommended for convenience, and adherence to the plan.

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