Val Koot

I love training with Duncan.  He has great knowledge and understanding of the human body and he’s genuinely interested in me as a person.  He also knows how to challenge me to help me get the best out of our training times.  

I also want to commend him for how he worked with me when I injured my lower back doing a workout outside of the gym.  Instead of stopping our training sessions, Duncan worked with my limitations and gave me exercises that kept me moving without more pain and helped me recover much more quickly than I would have otherwise.  I highly recommend training with Duncan if you want to get stronger or even if you just want to feel better in your body.  As it says on the walls of the gym “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” 

Jill Greensheilds

I’ve been training at Fitness Solutions since it was created 16 years ago. I started with Duncan when he was a newbie. The knowledge of the body and how an older person needs more particular moves is outstanding. My body definitely feels better when I train and that’s nothing compared to what my mind feels like. Cheers 

Carol Cruickshank (Updated)

I have been training at Fitness Solutions for as long as they have been open, starting out training with Bill Morgan. When Bill decided to take on fewer clients I moved over to training with Duncan. My experience at Fitness Solutions has been life changing. When I started out I had sore knees and aching hips as well as some lower back deterioration. Both Bill and Duncan have such great knowledge of how the body works. They were able to help me strengthen all areas of my body and because of this I am now pain free most of the time.  I am able to ski, bike, hike and lift my Grandkids in and out of a car seat.

Recently, I had to have foot surgery which meant I couldn’t bear weight for 6 weeks on the one foot. After 3 weeks I returned to the gym to continue training with Duncan. He was very exceptional in his knowledge of what I should do during this recovery period. I am sure my recovery was much faster than it would of been had I not had a trainer with this knowledge.I am constantly surprised at how the workouts are always new and often I’ve never done them before- even after 15 years. This challenges me in ways I would never think of if I were training on my own.
The gym would not be complete without Chrissy’s Yoga Wall. This is a phenomenal stretch and a workout in itself. Chrissy is also very knowledgeable about the body and what different yoga poses can help me with. I love my yoga class with Chrissy.
Truly an exceptional gym. Thanks to Bill, Duncan and Chrissy!

Pippa Goodfellow

I have been a Fitness Solutions gym member since September 2017. Duncan’s knowledge and individual attention means my workouts are safe as well as challenging.  My flexibility has greatly improved over the years, not to mention a 235lb deadlift. HUA!!

Rocco Suriano

I started with Duncan over 6 months ago. He took the time to assess my fitness level and any injuries I had. He put together training sessions to strengthen around the injuries and build a healthier me!  The journey is long, but after six months, I sleep better, aches and pains are minimal and I feel stronger. But the best part is, is that I’ve started to use my knee brace less and less! Gym sessions are no longer intimidating.

Chris Murray


Lorne Abells


Bill Spenceley


Derek Jensen

I have been dealing with a chronic illness for the last number of years causing muscle deterioration due to numerous medications. Last fall one of my doctors indicated that to repair the deteriorating muscles I would have to do it myself. That meant joining a gym and working out. There was some research done by my wife and daughter and the one that seemed to fit my needs was Fitness Solutions.

Six months ago I consulted with Bill and he hooked me up with my trainer. He was conscious of my needs as well as my health issues and designed the workouts accordingly. So to cut to the chase, my health has improved, my physical looks have improved and my psychological well being is much better. I have been able to decrease my medications, some by 50 and 75 percent and some have gone to zero. I get on the scale in the morning and just smile thinking “I did that”.

Bill and Jennie Oleksy

We’ve been with Bill since November of 2000. The weight training he provides for us (at ages 78 and 83) is completely personalized. His programs are demanding but it’s always safety first and he will only add weights because he knows “You can do it”. At the same time, we exercise our own limits. We are very pleased that Bill now has his own building, with the new state of the art equipment.

We haven’t known anyone as dedicated to helping people improve their skills and abilities as Bill. Not only that but he’s a clean and tidy ‘freak’ which, in a place that’s normally kind of sweaty and smelly, is a huge plus in our book. It’s a real joy and pleasure to be in Bill’s company with his understanding and sense of humour, and we thrive on that. It’s great to see Bill complete a full year in his own facility, and we wish him continued success.  March 2009

Bill Spenceley

I’ve just celebrated my 50th birthday and I have trained with Bill since December of 2006. I feel stronger and more energetic than I was in my 30’s. I would highly recommend the use of a personal trainer.

Bev Lanz

I recommend Duncan as an excellent trainer with exceptional knowledge a wisdom. He delivers sincere heart and commitment to each and every training session. He used his deep understanding of anatomy to solve an arm issue I had been struggling with for months.

Lisa McMullin

Bruce and I are new to the Fitness Solutions family. Joining was/is the single best decision we made in 2016.  Bill and Chrissy are outstanding fitness professionals. Duncan Smith, whom we have come to know best, is knowledgable, flexible and encouraging. He has an ability to program exercises to promote pain free movement, a quality we value highly.  

Workouts in the gym or on the yoga wall are tailored to individual fitness levels, but rest assured you will be pushed. It is taking time but we are seeing results and recommend Fitness Solutions without reservation.

Anthony Miller

I have significantly more energy than I used to.  

I’m finding that I’m hungry more frequently than I used to be and I’m eating more. I weighed myself before work and I’m down 22 pounds since we started!

Cheryl Dick

By the time I was in my early 50’s, I had stopped doing much activity outside of walking due to damaged, painful knees. I was afraid that I would hurt myself further. I decided to try Fitness Solutions because I heard from a variety of people my age that Bill had been able to improve their strength and fitness despite any physical limitations. Within a few months of starting a regular twice a week personal trainer program, I began to notice improvement. Then, using a diet program and Bill’s advice , I lost 25 pounds, which I have kept off. Now, just over a year after I started at Fitness Solutions, there is a noticeable change in my strength and overall wellness. I know the quality of life I will experience for the next few decades is going to be MUCH better than the direction I was headed before.

Carol Cruickshank

Thank you Bill for helping me achieve my fitness goal and then some!

I came to Fitness Solutions because of weakness in my lower back, arms and shoulders. My job requires heavy lifting and at age 56 my body wasn’t able to do what I needed it to do.

After only 3 months of training with Bill I was noticeably stronger and the bonus was the loss of inches. Today, 18 months later I can lift everything I have to and have no back pain. I have gone down 3 sizes and feel better than I did in my 30’s!

I recently celebrated my 65th birthday with a photoshoot; my favourite picture shared here.

My husband can’t believe the change!

Donna Tait

I have been going to Fitness Solutions since they opened their doors and I love it; the individual attention to lifting with proper form, and the positive atmosphere makes training fun!!!

Dr. Keith Crawford

I’m a retired dentist and have been using fitness solutions to try to stay healthy and keep fit. They have been great and I really enjoy my workouts. It’s a friendly positive encouraging atmosphere and I feel that Bill shows genuine interest in my progress.

Brent Morris

I have been training at Fitness Solutions since October, 2013.


The trainers are great…the work outs are challenging, trainers are easy to get along with & I actually look forward to going to the gym!  I find the online calendar easy to use and accommodating & on the odd occasion when I have to cancel a session a trainer is always available eager to make it up. I would highly recommend Fitness Solutions Training Center.

Danette Martin

I have been training at Fitness Solutions since October, 2013.


The trainers are great…the work outs are challenging, trainers are easy to get along with & I actually look forward to going to the gym!  I find the online calendar easy to use and accommodating & on the odd occasion when I have to cancel a session a trainer is always available eager to make it up. I would highly recommend Fitness Solutions Training Center.

Kevin Perry

After losing 11 lbs in 10 wks, Kevin was pleased…then after taking measurements and finding out he’d lost over 8 inches around his mid-section- Kevin couldn’t help but jump for joy!

To quote Kevin:

“It’s not just a quick change, its a life-style change. They have a quote on their wall that says “you get out what you put in” and I couldn’t agree more. I can’t express how much better I feel after joining Fitness Solutions program.”

Robin James

Best workout EVER!

Thanks Bill! Who knew tires were so heavy? and hitting something with a sledge hammer would be so fulfilling?  LOVED IT!

Jade Stevens

I found Bill and Fitness Solutions at a time when I knew I had to make some changes regarding fitness in my life. Bill worked hard to make sure I was happy and with the right trainer who would help me reach my goals.

Committing to working out 2-5 times weekly has changed my life and I have made incredible progress over the past 14 months. I would recommend Bill and his team to anyone looking to stay motivated on their journey towards wellness.

Thanks Bill!

Chris Schmold

With the help of Bill at Fitness Solutions I have much improved health! Both my family and I have changed our eating habits by following Bill’s nutrition advice and training. I know I would not be where I am today without the expertise and support from Fitness Solutions. Bill has given me the perfect equation to succeed.

Starting Weight: 253.2
Weight: 209.2 (lost 44 lbs)

Starting Blood Pressure: 165/102
Blood Pressure: 139/70

Resting Heart Rate: 92
Resting Heart: 75

Wt. Lost: 44 lbs
Total Inches Lost: 23″
Resting Heart Rate: -17 beats per minute

July 15, 2013 to March 3, 2014
UPDATE: May 1, 2014 bodyweight 206.6 (-46.6 lbs) blood pressure 114/70 Chris’s physician eliminated 2 of his medications and lowered another!


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