Workplace Fitness Program

Our Purpose

To assist our client(s) in reaching their health and wellness goals by:

  • Establishing each client’s baseline fitness and wellness levels and then monitoring progress of their physical and emotional well-being.
  • Providing professional instruction/coaching on the correct exercise techniques so clients can safely and enjoyably reach their goals.
  • Educating clients with the most current information on fitness and nutrition.
  • Providing encouragement and accountability.
  • Coaching clients to discover that their “fitness = wellness” which manifests into a lifestyle of health and happiness.

Our Clients’ Experiences

Bill and the team at Fitness Solutions has been a great experience for Vivint Canada’s wellness program. Our 60+ leadership group is actively being monitored on a fitness program; this focus has brought many intangible benefits to our field of work. The employees are extremely appreciative of the “free” access to nutrition and work-out questions. Thanks to the team and I look forward to a long working relationship in the future.
Brock Walburger

VP Sales, Vivint Canada

“With the plant being outside of the city, having a trainer come to our location has been extremely efficient for me and my employees. With a few inexpensive fitness tools, we’re able to turn our training room into a workout room or, head outside for some tire flipping. Not only does this provide a unique opportunity for multiple employees to find time to work-out during the lunch hour, but it also provides us with challenging and well organized workout sessions. This service enables fitness to remain a priority at our office.
Scott Cunningham

Production/Systems Manager, Precon

Workplace Program

Statistics show that a healthy organization increases employee morale, improves the ability to attract and retain key people, all while having more alert and productive staff. Fitness Solutions corporate fitness program encourages participants to focus on healthy lifestyles at work, home and play. We combine a baseline incentive, a goal program with personalized coaching, a fitness and nutrition programs, an online tools and resources, and a work site wellness initiatives that promote a healthier lifestyle.


We can help Individuals in the workplace by targeting one or all of the following fitness goals:

✓ Reducing stress levels
✓ Reducing postural fatigue
✓ Enhancing physical fitness
✓ Optimizing weight loss
✓ Living healthy lifestyles
✓ Proper nutrition


  • Strong return on investment
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Recruiting and retaining employees
  • Reduced health care costs and medical claims
  • Increased employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved concentration and ability to problem solve
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased levels of stress and increased ability to deal with stress
  • Greater pride in workplace
  • Improved health markers such as blood pressure
  • Decrease in musculoskeletal injuries and days sick
  • Reduction of risk factors for serious disease
  • Increased levels of self-awareness and insight
  • Improved mental health

Net Effect = More Productive + More Profitable Business

  •  Employees get in better shape
  •  Reduced stress
  •  Increased morale and camaraderie
  •  Improved teamwork and internal communication
  •  Boost in productivity
  •  Lower healthcare costs
  •  Increased employee retention rates
  •  Create a “fun working environment”
  •  Reduced absenteeism
  •  Better problem solving and mental agility
  •  Offering a competitive edge
  •  Fewer injuries
  •  Less human error
  •  A more harmonious office environment
  •  Employees know that the organization cares about their general health and well-being

Return on our Investment – for every dollar invested you receive a $3 to $6 return!

  • Bank of America realized an annual return of $6.00 for every $1.00 spent on its health promotion program. –American Journal of Health Promotion, 1993
  • Travelers Insurance claims that it receives a $3.40 return on every dollar it invests in health promotions, which yield $146 million in total corporate savings per year. – Journal of Occupational Medicine, December 1992
  • Public health expert Larry Chapman analyzed 60 peer-reviewed studies of worksite health promotion programs and found they can be credited for substantial reductions in sick leave (27.8 percent, on average), health costs (28.7 percent), disability (33.5 percent) and workers comp costs (33.5 percent). Moreover, every dollar invested saved $5.50 in related costs. “Whatever study you look at, for every dollar invested in wellness, there’s been a $3 to $6 return” in cost savings”. – Loube – Proof Positive: An Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of Wellness, published in 2008
  • For every $1.00 spent on wellness programs, Medical costs fall by $3.27, Absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 – Harvard University – Health Affairs 2010

Increased Productivity

  • Active employees are more productive and enthusiastic in their jobs. Less work time is lost, as physically fit employees are less fatigued, make fewer errors, and can deal with stress more efficiently. Studies have proven that they have more energy, make better decisions, and use their time better. Purdue University tested 80 people over a nine month period and found that the exercisers improved their decision making results by 70%
  •  NASA discovered that their regular exercisers had improved stamina, increased overall work performance and enhanced concentration.
  •  80 percent of Union Pacific Railroad’s employees believed their exercise program was helping them become more productive at work, and 75 percent thought regular exercise was helping them achieve higher levels of relaxation and concentration. – Leutzinger, J, Blanke, D. Health Values, Sept/Oct 1991

Reduced employee absenteeism

  •  Work absences are increasing for health-related reasons and disabilities. There is an inverse relationship between employee fitness and absenteeism.
  •  Over a six-year period, DuPont saw a 47.5 percent reduction in absenteeism among participants in its corporate fitness program. – Edington, DW. Health Behavior, March 1992)
  • General Electric found that employees who exercised were absent from work 45% less days than employees who did not exercise. – Business & Health, Nancy Coe Bailey, November 1990

Improve morale, reduce stress & decrease health care costs

  •  Employees who feel they are being allowed to improve their health and well-being take more pride in
    their work. Healthier employees have proven to make happier employees. Regular exercise in your work force will automatically add a social atmosphere and improve overall morale. Energized employees promote positivism, show less absenteeism and are proven to have reduced anxiety, tension and stress.
  •  Pepsi-Co found its corporate fitness program had a 300% return on investment, due mainly to decrease in health care costs. Their fitness program dealt with the needs of a healthier lifestyle before having to deal with the consequences of an unhealthy work force.
  •  Medical claim costs at Steelcase Corporation were 55 percent lower among corporate fitness program participants than non-participants over a six-year period, an average of $478.61 for participants versus $869.98 for non-participants. – Yen, LT-C. American Journal of Health
    Promotion, Sept/Oct. 1991
  •  General Motors found that employees in their physical fitness program had a 50% reduction in job grievances, a 50% reduction in on-the-job accidents, and a 40% reduction in lost time. – Commercial Magazine, October 1998

Get the best staff & reduce employee turnover

  • Companies that offer corporate fitness and wellness programs are displaying their positive values, values that help to retain employees and build their commitment. More and more of the best job candidates are asking about their prospective company’s proactive health care benefits. Fitness is the number one concern of the most progressive career shoppers as they balance the value of one company over another.
  •  The Canadian Life Assurance Company found turnover among its fitness program participants to be 34.4 percent lower over a seven-year period, compared with non-participants during that same time. (Leatt, P. Canadian Journal of Public Health, Jan/Feb 1988)
  • Texaco found that those who participated in its corporate fitness program were 13% less likely to leave than other employees. – Corporate Statistics
  • Health club membership is the benefit most job seekers want from their next employer. It outpaced all other benefits including flex-time, use of company car, tuition reimbursement, childcare, cell phones, and laptop computers. – International Search Firm, Lee Hecht Harrison
  •  60% of employees surveyed in a study of job satisfaction consider wellness offerings an incentive to remain with their current employer. – Simpson, 2003

FITNESS SOLUTIONS – Workplace Program Options

Option 1: Consultation & Internet Program Delivery

Fitness Solutions’ clients receive consultation monthly, a workout specific to the clientele (equipment or no-equipment required) that allows participants to exercise in the client’s own space and on their schedule.

Consultation Includes:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  •  Interactive group presentation on nutrition with Q & A time.
  •  Physical measurements for baseline analysis.

Option 2: On-Site Workplace Training

Fitness Solutions offers workplace corporate fitness classes with emphasis on: muscular endurance, core strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. The classes have flexible programming and exercise mobility that is designed to meet the client demographics. Seasonal options such as golf, skiing, hiking, and team sports can be offered throughout the year. Weekly on-site live professional fitness coaching is provided to meet your needs during the work week, with workouts, and small groups.

On-site workplace training Includes:

  •  2- 3 times per week
  •  30- 45 Minute workouts
  •  1 – 12 corporate staff members per class
  • Health screening of all participants
  • Goal setting for program participation
  • Workout geared towards participants’ goals and needs with more specific information than Program Option 1

Option 3: Flexible Training @ Fitness Solutions Training Facility

Individual clients attend Fitness Solutions training facilities on 13 St North (across from Greens pop shop) with personalized sessions and 24 hour access to state of the art equipment.

Flex training includes:

  • Customized sessions
  •  1 – 3 times per week
  •  Nutritional advice
  •  Food logs
  •  Body knowledge

A private custom designed training facility focusing on:

  •  A personable atmosphere
  •  An exceptionally clean and well maintained equipment and facility
  •  An environment that enhances your senses from sight to sound.
  •  Change facilities with towels, filtered water, lockers and showers.

Pricing Options

Fitness Solutions will provide the investment price based on:

  • Which of the 3 options or combinations
  •  Number of participants
  •  Frequency of Training
  •  Duration of Program

One Month Trial – Test the Program to make sure the fit is right.

To discuss or book, please contact Bill Morgan by clicking the button below

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